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Posting as Zeno Diasozo (for lack of anything better to do)

Well, It's been several months now since my little group broke up and went their seperate ways. Since I've lost my funding, it's been getting harder and harder to pay the bills. I've had to give up my office floor in the AVMD building and start working from my home. It's a good thing that I own it outright, so I don't have to pay rent or mortgage, but utilities and property taxes are expensive in San Francisco. I've had to resort to selling some of my antique weapons just to keep up on the bills. Even if I didn't have to pay bills or eat, I would have had to get rid of some of that stuff anyway because my house simply isn't as big as the 7th floor of AVMD. A lot of my stuff I'd had to put in storage.

I didn't sell any of my occult books or papers though. That's something that I'll never do. They may be antique and worth a fortune, but if they got into the wrong hands ... I shudder to think. Besides that, I need them for my research. Lord knows that a demon hunter has got to do his homework!

And yes, I am still in the demon hunting game. A lot of the others may have moved on, but I'm still here fighting the good fight. I'm not alone either. I've got many allies and friends on my side. I have to. The forces of darkness, badness, and evil can be overwhelming at times.

Wondering what happened to the others?

When Dark Master Exousia realized that I have no loyalty to him (and that I plan to kill him along with all the other "Vampire Lords"), he commanded Lathra to stop funding me with riches from the alternate plane. Lathra has since stopped coming around to help me when I'm in a pinch. I must assume that he is still one of Exousia's lackies.

After Duncan became "immortal", he left the country on some strange sudden quest to become "the one", whatever that's all about.

Lexi disappeared a long time ago ... into another reality I believe. :(

Kat took off shortly after Lexi left.

Kae just stopped coming around.

Jade's still around, but she doesn't live with me anymore. A trusted friend of mine was good enough to take her in. I'm not going to say who took her in or where she lives in this open forum, but I'm not sure if she would wish it. I will tell you all that she is safe and protected, for the time being.

I was going to use her bedroom for storing some of my books that wouldn't fit in the main study, but I decided that the basement would be a better place. More private for some of my more "powerful" books, and more roomy for storage space. No, I've used Jade's room to take in yet another stray.

Do you remember Lynx? She lives with me now. If you don't remember Lynx, you'll probably be hearing more about her later. She's the young lady who has the strange habit of turning into a rabbit from time to time. Or is it the other way around? She may be a rabbit who has a strange habit of turning into a young lady from time to time. Either way, she seems to be my new charge (or pet? depending on how you look at it?). She's mildly psychic, which seems to help me as sort of an early warning system. I can't always count on her instinct though, because like most psychics, she doesn't always hit the mark. Like most teenage girls (and rabbits, for that matter) she tends to be a bit flighty.

Von Ire is still my ally, but he's gone back to Austria to train his new pupil. I don't know the kid he's chosen. I'm kind of glad it's not me though. I'd love to see Europe, but I've got obligations here.

I've found another new ally in a boy named Wolfe Blackwater. He lives just north of here in San Palido. His LJ user name is deadlyhunger.

Well ... I guess that's all for now. I've give you updates on my demon hunting experiences in a little while.

I still don't know what I'm going to do for the Holidays. Needless to say, having dinner with my family is out of the question. More than likely, they'll be trying to have me for dinner. Hmmm... Maybe I'll go up north to visit some friends. I don't know. I feel like I should stay here and keep a vigil eye out for demon or vampire activity. I'll let you know if I come up with something to do before Wednesday.

Farewell for now, and keep up the good fight.

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