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dimwit_inc's Journal

DIMWIT Inc. - Vampire Hunters
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is all very well and good,

but sometimes,

Divine Intervention


Whatever It Takes!

We are "Divine Intervention Means Whatever It Takes".

We are D.I.M.W.I.T. Inc..

Zeno Diasozo is our founder.

We hunt vampires.

We do what we can.

Please note: this is fiction.

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The purpose of this community is, as of yet, a mystery. DIMWIT was an online roleplaying experiment of the gothic horror genre. The online rpml mailing list is now a mere shadow of the past, but the idea lives on. I have been planning to revive DIMWIT as an online comic, but so far my procrastination has gotten in the way. Perhaps I will use this community to help me refine and develop my ideas for the comic. This does not require any outside participation, but if you wish to help me revive DIMWIT in the form of a roleplay, I will be more than pleased. ^_^

I think the thing that killed it the last time around was a lack of interest and a lot of neglect. I'm mainly interested in reviving it as my own personal work of fiction, but if there is an interest, I will try my hand at being the online storyteller once again.

For roleplay, the rules are simple. Just pick a character and post as that character. Pretend that this community is a message board for a real vampire hunter's organization (existing in real time). You can choose to be a hunter (from anywhere in the world) and give updates on your progress out on the feild, or you can choose to be a baddy who just comes here to taunt us and laugh. It's all up to you. The possibilities are endless. If you need more info on the details of the fictional organization or if you just want to talk, you can contact me at zenokarasu.

For updates on what's going on in the DIMWIT world or how my progress is going on the webcomic, just sit back and watch.